Construction Simulator 2015

  • Jumlah DVD Game : 1
  • Harga : 10.000
  • Game Genre : simulations
Construction Simulator 2015 Download PC player gets here the opportunity to play as many as 100 missions in which the task is to create as many as 15 different buildings blocks of flats, agricultural and industrial buildings or supermarkets. The Construction Simulator 2015 Download Game raise individual structures using a variety of machines that appear on the site.
Construction Simulator 2015 Download Pc
Extension modules gameplay contained in Bau-Simulator 2015 is also an option to acquire a developer license, which allows you to put yourself in a real estate agent and sales of previously created objects to individual tenants. Proper execution of all tasks specified by the game also gives the opportunity to unlock special operations and missions.

2GB Ram
Intel core 2 Duo 2,6Ghz
Win 7
Rp 10,000

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Construction Simulator 2015
Construction Simulator 2015
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